drone detection and neutralization system

  • operates in all weather conditions
  • detects drones with RF communications disabled
  • operates reliably in urban areas
  • effective due to the combination of several types of sensors
  • available in stationary, portable and mobile version

Ctrl+Sky is a multi-sensor counter-drone system that is able to detect, identify and mitigate intrusive drones. It is exceptionally effective from software to hardware because it is based on proprietary, patented technology and multi-sensor approach.


Designed to permanently protect a defined area, based on a high, stable mast that is installed in the optimum location for the best possible operation of the system.

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Able to be easily moved and quickly assembled at the destination. Instead of a mast, the lightweight, functional tripod is used.

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Vehicle mounted version ensures protection of mass events, borders and other airspace.

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why ctrl+sky?

The world’s only drone detection system featuring:

  • A modular and fully configurable radar sensor
  • MIMO radar technology for improved performance
  • Radar tracking based on MHT (multi hypothesis tracking) algorithm
  • An acoustic sensor with direction-finding capability
  • RF sensor with white listing capability
  • Fully integrated and automated proprietary jammer for drone neutralization
  • A dedicated web-based application for monitoring, configuration and controlling the system

system operation


elements of the system

3D radar sensor

Reconfigurable radar sensor with AESA and MIMO technology

True target position in three dimensions (range, azimuth and elevation)

Angular coverage in azimuth from 90 up to 360 degrees

Angular coverage in elevation 45 degrees

Detection range up to 3 km (for micro-class drones sized DJI Phantom IV)

RF sensor

Scanning of all Wi-Fi bands

Early warning and identification based on detecting a radio-link between a drone and the operator

Neutralization by capturing radio signal transmission

Frequency Band Coverage: 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz or other optional bands on customer demand

acoustic sensor

Based on 8-element microphone array

Detection and classification of acoustic signals up to 200m

Direction-finding of incoming drones using a digital beamforming technique

vision sensor

PTZ or bullet cameras, optical zoom up to 30x

Rotation of 360 degrees in azimuth, 135 degrees in elevation (from the ground)

Detection of drones by using MHT radar tracker


Fully integrated with the detection systems

Activated manually or automatically upon detection inside the protected zone

Full coverage of the drone detection range

Equipped with directional, sectorial or omnidirectional antennas, depending on the operational requirements


Secure access from a PC, laptop or a mobile device

Definition of protected area and configuration of sensors inside the application

Real-time event preview and tracking many targets simultaneously

Open API for integration



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